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Dominion Storage: Base Game, Prosperity, and Seaside

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source link I really like Dominion. I like it enough that I have a few of the expansions. I do not have all the expansions yet, but I still found myself having problems storing my cards. The main issue I have is that I really dislike having multiple boxes for a single game. I always prefer to house expansions for my games inside the main game box. In many cases, this is complicated by either the sheer volume of expansions or the limitations of the insert. The box for Dominion is adequately sized to hold a lot of cards. The artwork is pretty cool, and it fits perfectly on my shelves.

The main problem I have is with the insert. It is a pretty good insert if you only want to stick with the base game, but most people who play and like Dominion understand that the base game isn’t enough. The problem begins when you start adding expansions.

I have expanded my overall game collection by a lot over the last few months. For now, I am okay with just having Dominion, Prosperity, and Seaside. I do recognize that I may someday want to expand the collection further so I did build some room into my storage solution.

With this storage solution, I removed the insert and divided the box into 3 rows. For now, one row houses the treasure and victory point cards while the other row holds all the rest of the cards. The middle section has the game tiles and game pieces.  I did make the center section large enough to fit cards if I ever need it to. For the dividers, I printed out a bunch from Sumpfork’s Dominion Tabbed Divider Generator.  I have been too busy (and lazy) to actually cut out the tabs, but I may do that at some point. I am able to fit in all the cards, tiles, and pieces for Dominion, Seaside, and Prosperity. I could fit some more expansions as well by removing the foam stoppers or merging the tiles and game pieces in one section so that the other section can house more cards.

The main way I did this was to build a center section out of foam core to separate the three rows. I normally build a whole foam core insert that spans the whole box, but I didn’t want to go through the trouble and risk crowding out the dividers. A simple center box seems to work well to keep the rows separate and divided properly. I still have to print a few more dividers, but I am happy to say that all of my expansions currently fit in one box! This will allow my limited shelf space to hold more games.  I can’t even imagine what storage must be like for those Dominion fans that have all the expansions!